dpurpurea studio is the design collaboration of
Derek Christiansen and Ruby O’Brien

Derek Christiansen is a theatrical designer and practitioner of interactive entertainment.

Using design as a medium to enhance an audience's interaction with a narrative, they focus on how the interplay between the observer and the art they're viewing can create great storytelling. They work at the intersection of design and technology, utilizing their experience as a developer and designer to search for novel ways of seamlessly integrating technologies from game design, virtual, and augmented reality for immersive narrative experiences. Their passion is for coming together to tell a great story.

e. derek@dpurpurea.studio
m. 630.464.4017

Ruby O’Brien is a craftsperson, theatrical designer, and visual artist.

Ruby’s pursuit of theatrical design stems from a lifelong love of theatre and visual art. Combining these two passions makes Ruby a hands-on designer, and she consistently applies her visual art skills to her scenic, lighting, and projection designs. Although Ruby loves designing, she is also interested in continuing to pursue the crafts that make theatrical designs possible, including scenic painting, prop making, and projections programming. In turn, she keeps these skills sharp to be a better designer and collaborator.

e. ruby@dpurpurea.studio
m. 619.876.2958

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